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PYO & The Estate

Forde Abbey strawberries


It has been a great year at The Forde Abbey Fruit Farm.

A big thank you to everyone who visited and supported us. We are very pleased with all your feedback and for sharing pictures of all the delicious desserts and jams you have created this summer.


 We look forward to welcoming all our customers old and new in 2023.


Forde Abbey herdDevon Cattle

The estate’s Ruby Red Devons are the pride and joy of Lisa Roper, and over the years the Forde Abbey Devons have enjoyed considerable success in the show ring, winning all of the major show prizes at least once as well as producing 10 breed champions.


The Goat Farm

Largely hidden from the public eye is the arable side of the business. Although in the past most of the harvest has been sold on the open market with only a little being used for the Devons, this is no longer the case. Now most of the grain is used on the estate for feed for the most recent agricultural venture: In a joint project with Tim and Will Frost of Childhay Manor, Forde Abbey is now home to 2,500 milking goats. They are milked three times a day and produce almost 10% of the country’s goat milk.

Historic Houses