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Nature never stands still. Not for a moment. A restless twitching of energy framed by the seasons and textured by the very best of British weather in all it various humours, both light and dark. It’s what makes the mornings endlessly nuanced, and chasing light such a varied sport. You could follow the path of the sunshine through the sky, rooted to the same spot and still never set eyes on the same view twice. It’s the rationale for Monet and Turner both reaching for the paint brush after all, to capture all that is fleeting in swift dextrous strokes.

Photographing a garden through the seasons is not for the faint hearted, and in January you’ll be scrabbling, all elbows and knees, to capture miniature blooms that insist on closely hugging the ground, only to dust yourself off and throw some equally unlikely shapes as the season gathers momentum. All in the name of seasonal floriferousness, studiously recorded in our diary of daily life on instagram.

A selection of these prints are now on sale on Etsy, in both A4 and A3 sizes, printed on beautiful cotton rag paper, for Fine Art prints. It’s a celebration of Spring and all that is to come in the garden.


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