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Barely had the kettle switch been flicked, and questions started flowing forth about Josh’s botanising in Armenia – what else would a plantaholic do whilst on holiday, after all, but study and take inspiration from flowers in the wild; taking notes on what mother nature does best.

Armenia, with its wild apple and pear trees, with bursts of delphinium orientalis and crambe cordifolia, meadow scapes of poppies, anchusas and cornflowers and sand gravel slopes of salvias, verbascum and melaka.

Inspirational, but it’s how you interpret these wild scapes into a garden design that in itself feels like a journey. One that’s either immersive or impactful. And then, as a gardener, how you edit yourself out of the design.

A conversation with Josh on his travels in Armenia and how a little slice of wild might well find a home in an English country setting.


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